Dreamzy Sleep System
Dreamzy Sleep System
Dreamzy Sleep System
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Dreamzy Sleep System

For the ultimate Dreamzy experience, our sleep system will provide the biggest benefit for your body. Not only do you get increased blood flow circulation with the mattress, you are now incresing your blood flow when you add the pillows and comforter. Better sleep, regeneration and the ability to select a cool or warm side on the pillow or comforter brings you the sleep you've always desired!

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The Properties
 of Dreamzy

Bio-Ceramic fibers

Dreamzy’s bio-ceramic fibers help increase blood flow while you sleep by helping to keep FIR Infrared dispersal which helps dilate blood capillaries to reduce inflammation, arthritis, RLS and other symptoms. Ceramic has been used on the space shuttle and ISS (International Space Station) to help absorb and disperse infrared to keep astronauts safe. This technology applied to bedding allows your bodies heat to disperse properly while also allowing the capillaries in your blood to dilate which provides better tissue regeneration while reducing chronic pain issues.

Cooler Sleeping

Dreamzy Mattress tops feature bio-ceramic fibers that make your bed not only cool to the touch but allow you to sleep 8 degrees cooler. Inside your mattress we also feature open cell visco memory foam that absorbs your body heat away from you. Body heat is then transferred from the foam to the side of your mattress where it vents out via our exclusive 3D side panels. Staying cool while you are sleeping gives your body the opportunity to stay in your sleeping position longer, allowing for a deeper more relaxing sleep.

Organic Foams / Fibers

From our cooling ceramic mattress top, 3D side panels and everything on the outside to our internal foams you can rest assured that Dreamzy only uses organic materials. Even our foam glue is water-based. No smells, allergic reactions or chemicals will harm your right for a good nights sleep.


Not only is our ceramic fiber cooling, it is also anti-microbial along with our silver lacing and memory foams. This means a Dreamzy mattress stops microbes in their tracks. Preventing the spread of germs, colds, sneezing and helping those with Asthma. Your Dreamzy mattress can be one of the healthiest pieces of furniture in your home.

Dustmite Resistant

Dust mites not only cause havoc to a mattress over the years, but they are one of the top causes for allergies within your home. Dreamzy mattresses are dust mite resistant. Our foams do not allow dust mites to live inside where they eat away at your mattress as well as your skin cells. With the average mattress doubling in weight every 8 years from skin cells, dust mites, oils and sweat you will want to prevent any and all contaminants from getting into your bed.

Try it for 100 nights! Ultimately we think you'll fall in love with it!

If not we will give you your money back!

A really perfect sleep , like sleeping on a cloud. Pillow is amazing also.
Mattis Svenson - Delaware
Not only comfortable but high quality. I feel like I underpaid for this mattress. I prefer the firm side and I love the fact it is a cool mattress.
Ben Willis - New York
Best mattress I have ever had. Simple to set up, looks amazing and feels even better!
James Tannon - California
Unboxing was super easy and the mattress looks amazing. I have been sleeping on it for almost 2 weeks and I LOVE the fact it has a cool surface. I don't get warm like my old mattress and I sleep so much better!
Andrea Swanson - Switzerland
Going to bed is something I actually look forward to now. My shoulder pain is gone and I sleep better than ever!
Alice Lindval - Sweden
Had to purchase a mattress for my daughter last second. Made the decision for Dreamzy because she liked the cooling top. She has had it for 2 months now and swear by it. Glad she likes it
Debra Saunders - California
Love the mattress so much I am buying another one for my parents
Paul Gregory - Oklahoma
Got the mattress and after a few weeks had to flip to the firm side, love that feature. My bed is my favorite place now
Jocelyn Jenks - Colorado
Got it as a gift. Moving was my only issue but I love the mattress. Like the plush side
Madeline Farmer - Washington
First mattress bought from online only store. Mattress is great and looks amazing. Cooling top feels great and my son loves it so far
Austin Vernon