Recovery Pillow
Recovery Pillow
Recovery Pillow
Cold / warm effect
Allergen Resistant
Year Guarantee
100% Natural

Recovery Pillow

A pillow should not only provide comfort, it should also contour to your neck to provide maximum support. The Dreamzy Recovery pillow comes with 2 different pillow cases to provide a cool or warm feeling using our bio-ceramic fibers which provides rejuvinating properties for the body. Not only does it have the contour needed for every sleeper, it also is made out of essential oil foam for a healthier rejuvinating sleep. 2 surfaces with 1 pillow, you should enjoy your pillow as much as your mattress.

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The Properties 
of Dreamzy 
2 in 1 Pillow

5-Year Warranty

Your pillow should give you years of use. That is why it should also have a fantastic warranty!

Bio-Ceramic Cooling

A cooling surface that reduces surface temperature and helps increase blood flow while you sleep by helping keep FIR Infrared dispersal. Absorbing FIR Infrared helps to dilate blood capillaries to reduce inflammation, arthritis, RLS and other issues.

Antibacterial Protection

Aloe Vera infusion allows the pillow to stay bacteria free, providing a healthier sleep.

Allergen Resistant

All foams and fibers are allergy resistant. This helps prevent allergies, flu and colds.

Organic Material

Using Safflower, Castor and Rapeseed oils, our pillow uses natural ingedients to give a healthier nights sleep. We also infuse our pillow with Aloe Vera to help provide a softer comfort as well.

Buy a set & save up to $200

Purchase a Twin, Queen or King Sleep System and save even more money while getting the optimal Dreamzy sleep experience! Up to 20% better blood flow means better circulation while sleeping, giving you the best nights sleep and better mornings.

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A really perfect sleep , like sleeping on a cloud. Pillow is amazing also.
Mattis Svenson - Delaware
Not only comfortable but high quality. I feel like I underpaid for this mattress. I prefer the firm side and I love the fact it is a cool mattress.
Ben Willis - New York
Best mattress I have ever had. Simple to set up, looks amazing and feels even better!
James Tannon - California
Unboxing was super easy and the mattress looks amazing. I have been sleeping on it for almost 2 weeks and I LOVE the fact it has a cool surface. I don't get warm like my old mattress and I sleep so much better!
Andrea Swanson - Switzerland
Going to bed is something I actually look forward to now. My shoulder pain is gone and I sleep better than ever!
Alice Lindval - Sweden
Had to purchase a mattress for my daughter last second. Made the decision for Dreamzy because she liked the cooling top. She has had it for 2 months now and swear by it. Glad she likes it
Debra Saunders - California
Love the mattress so much I am buying another one for my parents
Paul Gregory - Oklahoma
Got the mattress and after a few weeks had to flip to the firm side, love that feature. My bed is my favorite place now
Jocelyn Jenks - Colorado
Got it as a gift. Moving was my only issue but I love the mattress. Like the plush side
Madeline Farmer - Washington
First mattress bought from online only store. Mattress is great and looks amazing. Cooling top feels great and my son loves it so far
Austin Vernon