About Us

In a world where online only mattress companies started just a few years ago I wanted to create a brand that had history, a customer base and great quality. During my research I came across a company in Germany who started its brand 25 years ago under the name Zaren Mattress which featured its "Dreamsy" mattress as a benchmark for the mattress community in Europe. The Dreamsy mattress had a quality I wasn’t able to find in the US.

All Dreamzy mattresses are handmade, have features like other brand in the US such as a cooling top and Bio-Ceramic fibers which testing showed increases in blood-flow during sleep. They also used OEKO-Tex 100 certified organic fibers and provide individual serial numbers to each mattress for quality control.  Should there be an issue it could be identified to the exact point of the manufacturing process and improvements can be made accordingly. All of this information I found lead me to contact Zaren about the possibility of bringing a quality German engineered product to the US.

The interest by both parties was so intense I flew out to Germany to discuss the possibilities of a new brand for consumers in USA. With intense research and discussions we are proud bring to you Dreamzy Mattress.

Quality is of the upmost importance in the mattress industry. I needed to have high standards for what we manufactured and also provide a benefit that can fit everyone. The Dreamzy mattress features hand stitched seams, piped edges, handles for easy moving and a look of a high end mattress. Quality with an affordable price point was also extremely important. We wanted to provide a mattress with benefits most other brands only use half of.  A cooling top is used so you do not sleep warm like traditional foam mattresses of today. Bio-Ceramic fibers in the top of the mattress provide an increase in blood flow which helps with not only sleep, but the rejuvenation of the body while sleeping, giving you quality sleep and healthier living. Getting a Dreamzy Sleep System gives you even more blood flow due to both our pillow and comforter using these same Bio-Ceramic fibers. Silver lacing inside our mattress provides a hypoallergenic barrier while our mattress also provides a resistance to dust mites. A 3D side strip is featured so our mattress can disperse heat through the sides rather than back into the sleeper. We also give you the ability to select your desired comfort by making it flappable which allows you to choose between a firm or plush side.

When you purchase from Dreamzy you can feel confident in the quality and our confidence in our product.
A 100-night risk free trial and 12 year warranty give you the peace of mind that if you are not satisfied you can return the mattress and if you keep the mattress you have a warranty that leads the industry.

For Dreamzy, it is not about being another mattress company; it’s about providing a mattress made for everyBODY. We know if you sleep better you will live better which is why it is our goal to provide a sleep system you will truly love.

Thank you for taking the time to read our history and always remember... Better Sleep, Better Living!

Jason Brooks
Dreamzy Mattress